Golden memories

I was so surprised to receive my copy of Australian Legends today and since the mail arrived I have been riveted to the pages of your magic book!! I have a special interest in the old beginnings of Quarter Horses in Australia because I was fortunate enough to actually live on Clover Leaf and work among those great horses for four glorious years. One of my labours of love was to exercise dear Clover Cherry in an effort to keep the condition off her. She seemed to fatten on the very smell of food.
What golden memories your wonderful book brings to me. I am 70 years old now, but still manage to ride my QH gelding for pleasure around the back roads of my home town and Greg’s words of advice and wisdom still come to mind. I was very privileged. Congratulations on the book!! Well done.

Margaret Lonergan, Murrurundi, NSW

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Karen, I regret to inform you that your new Quarter Horse Legends book is …
AWESOME!!! It is too good. It is so well written and documented and the pictures really make the book. It was inspiring to read and has rekindled my love of the breed, (even though I never stopped loving them!). I absolutely LOVE the history and the old stories in it. It is great to know where our old horses ended up and what they produced. A big THANK YOU & WELL DONE on giving your time and effort and compiling this masterpiece. I cannot wait for the next one. I will be first in line to order volume 2. Thank you again.

Cassandra Lenzo, Ingham, Qld.

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At Long Last!

At long last a book on the aussie horses, hooray! Perfect for the hubby for Christmas. I also hope there will be a volume two, three or four. What a lot of work for you. Congrats on writing this book it will be a real treasure in this household.

Noelene Maher, Aanuka Park Stud, Forest Hill, Qld.

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A fascinating record

Karen Thrun first visited us several years ago when her idea for “Australian Legends” was but an unfertilized follicle. She explained what she had in mind and I knew it was something that was long overdue. As I looked at this intelligent young woman speaking with such enthusiasm, the foremost thought in my mind was “Whatever this lady does will be of benefit to the industry, but I don’t think she has the faintest idea how big this thing is.”
She didn’t but, being Karen, she soon twigged and rearranged her thinking to cope with the situation. It has thrilled me to watch Karen grow to meet the challenges of the huge project that she undertook.
What she has finally presented to us is far, far more than just a ‘benefit to the industry’. The book is a fascinating record of the 11 horses profiled. More than that it is a moving tribute to people involved with the establishment of the Quarter Horse in this country.
The sense of awe that hit me when I opened my copy of Legends was nearly akin to when I first watched Clover Cherry cut a cow forty years ago. How Karen Thrun, who was not even born when much of what she wrote about was happening, has managed to get such a handle on the excitement, the commitment, and the sense many people had of being on the cusp of something that was bigger than the sum total of all of us is remarkable. Remarkable also is her depiction of larger than life characters involved in the early days of the industry, of the gambles they took, of a certain ratbaggery that would now be frowned on in these over-regulated times …
She has brought to life for posterity an incredible time in the history of the horse industry in this country – a time which forced us to confront our appalling lack of knowledge in this area and embark upon a never-ending voyage of discovery.
I look forward with anticipation to her next book but cannot believe that it will be as good as this one. In closing I must pay tribute to Claus Thrun, because I believe that without his constant support, encouragement and wisdom, this project might not have come to fruition.

Merrie Elliot, Booborowie, SA.

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Long-awaited history

This long-awaited history of the Quarter Horse in Australia is far beyond what I expected. I have been associated with Quarter Horses, their owners and breeders for 50 years and this volume one has researched and paid tribute to the horses and people that deserve recognition. It has brought back many great memories, not only of my own family, but of other families who promoted these outstanding versatile horses from the beginning.

Colin McTaggart, Goondiwindi, Qld.

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An informative and comprehensive read

Having been avid Quarter Horse people and breeders for years, David since the mid 1970s, we have read almost every publication on the breed that is available. We must say the “Australian Legends” is by far the most informative and comprehensive read that we have seen. Having seen a lot of photographs in the past we were excited to see pictures that we have not seen before and this, along with the information provided has given this book pride of place in our book collection. Thank you and we are looking forward to the next one.

David Williams & Sue Farrell, Tamworth, NSW.

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