Well I received your long awaited book for my Christmas gift and have barely been able to take my nose out of it. You are to be congratulated for such a beautiful book. Your thoroughness and ability to maintain the interest of the reader throughout is a credit to your writing style and research. You have certainly recreated the era in an insightful and in depth way.

My only disappointment is that some of the horses’ colours were not printed as accurately as I remember them in some of the photos eg. Jet Master as I remember him was deep dark red but in some shots he looks yellowish. I guess that is as much a product of having to reproduce copies from faded photos. I was delighted to see a photo of young Quarter Master, who was not very photogenic, and your statement that he was a most underestimated sire. Thanks for rekindling the memories. It certainly was an amazing period. Good Luck with your sales and I look forward to the next volume.

Jeanette Gower, Aldgate, SA