Finally with a few other priorities now out of the way I can get moving again on volume 2 of "Australian Legends - Our History of Outstanding Quarter Horses". If you thought that the first book had everything you needed to know about the history of the Australian Quarter Horse, then think again. Volume 2 features several more of the best imported horses that have had a profound effect in this country. Carrying some of the top bloodlines from American Quarter Horses in their day, the second book includes the history and stories behind horses like Femme Fatale*, Mr Freckle's Boy*, Chickeramic*, Clover Kamali*, Jet Boom*, Mr Jessie James*, Lion Deck*, Easter Chex*, Roc'O'Lena*, Morn Deck, Doc's Spinifex* and Doc's Freckle's Oak*. As you can see this impressive list contains several of the best sprint horses that were imported during the seventies and eighties along with more great working horse blood which heavily impacted on the newly-introduced western events of cutting, reining and working cowhorse which were then growing in strength.

There will also be another extensive history chapter covering some other horses that need to be included for their contribution to the breed, and let's not forget the good people who put so much effort into the promotion of our wonderful Australian Quarter Horses.

I am still seeking historical photos of the horses listed above and photos of their best get and grand get that are competing today with success. So please don't hesitate to send me an email or give me a call if you think your horse should be considered for volume two. The second book is designed to accompany and compliment the first book, so if you don't have your copy of volume 1 then please get online and purchase a copy from me. And give me a call and I can sign it for you, your friend or loved one too. regards Karen